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The Unregistered Domain was put together to fill a previously un-developed space on the root of a web server; it has always been a somewhat haphazard affair because of that, but since it's also an extension of what started several years ago as a private intranet and the majority of links contained within The Unregistered Domain have been collected together over that number of years and from various sources.

This is version 2.00 of the The Unregistered Domain back engine and web interface. There has always been more planned for The Unregistered Domain but it still hasn't been written!

Privacy Policy
The owners of The Unregistered Domain believe in people having some degree of online privacy and, whilst as operators of a web server we are aware that there is very little true online privacy (unless someone were to become hideously paranoid and rely exclusively on proxy services and so forth for their browsing) we do make an effort ourselves. At no point will any visitor data be "harvested" by any means, the only cookies stored on visiting computers come from advertising banners (we use Google AdSense for contextual adverts and they in turn place DoubleClick DART cookies) and any email address used to contact will solely be used for the intended purpose and then discarded; we do not unsolicited commercial emails and will never condone them, do not maintain mailing or update lists based on contacts and, apart from assorted logs kept by the server, do not retain any data on visitors to our website.

Content Disclaimer
The owners of The Unregistered Domain can't take responsibility for any legal infringements or objectionable material that may appear on websites linked externally from this one, either directly via the lists we have compiled or indirectly through any advertisements that may be displayed here.

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